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Night Walk. Nocturnal Life Experience.
  • Night Walk. Nocturnal Life Experience.
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  • 5:30 p.m. /
  • 2.5 hours
  • $45
  • $35
  • Hiking Tours


Tour details

Most animals in the rainforest are active at night. Bats, moths, caimans, birds like owls and night hawks and even bigger mammals like the sloth are some of the most prominent night creatures we are likely to find.

The night walk takes place in a small private reserve located near la Fortuna and devoted to conservation and environmental education. Using flashlights, we’ll walk slowly for about one hour and a half, on a very well groomed flat trail. We’ll make frequent stops to explain the differences and special adaptations used by the nocturnal animals to help them survive in the rainforest.

What is included
  • Transportation
  • Entrance fee
  • Drinks
  • Bilingual guide
What to bring
  • Long pants
  • Insect repellent
  • Hiking shoes
  • Camera

Additional notes
• Prices in dollars (USD).
• Price per person
• Difficulty: Easy – flat trail is adequate to all fitness levels.


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