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Travel tips

A passport is required to enter Costa Rica. Check yours for expiration now. • Departure tax is $26 per person to be paid at the airport in cash or credit card.

• Even if you travel during the dry months bring a raincoat or rain jacket. You never know when it will rain.

• Bring a swimsuit, comfortable shoes for walking in the city or on the trails in national parks, sandals, a flash light and a cap or hat to protect your face from the sun.

• If going to the mountains, bring a light sweater or jacket. It might get chilly.

• We always say: "San Jose is a big city in a small country and in big cities you always find pickpockets."

• Make 2-3 photocopies of your passport and keep one in each bag, luggage, case or back pack you carry.

• If you can, leave your passport and airline ticket or any other important document in your hotel safe.

• Do not change your currency into colones on the street. Always do it at a bank or at your hotel.

• Companies that issue travelers cheques recommend that you record on a separate piece of paper, the number of your cheques.

• Do not carry extra cash. Carry the amount you think you will need each day.

• If you carry any type of valuable item, such as a camera, video or digital camera, expensive sunglasses, etc, do not leave them in any bathroom or at any table or seat which is not watched. Hang them onto you.

• Ask for advice at your hotel's front desk, on how to get to your destination.

• Mainly in San Jose downtown, if you go out at night, have the reception clerk call a cab.

• If walking in downtown San Jose, do not wear valuable jewelry.

• Licensed taxi cabs are all red with a yellow triangle on both front doors.

• Taxi drivers must carry visible identification, with their name and photograph.

• The use of a taximeter (called "Maria") is mandatory although for longer distances, prices are negotiable with the driver.

• Follow the safety signs posted in national parks and at beaches.

• At beaches, do not get in the water if there is a "Dangerous currents" sign. Always ask at local shops about dangerous currents, high and low tide and unsafe points.

• Walk along marked trails. If possible, walk on trails in groups of 2 or more.

• Do not feed wild animals. Do not pet them.

• Do not touch plants. NEVER take them from their natural setting.

Enjoy your trip and if you need any advice, recommendation or more information do not hesitate to contact us